Riitta Hakkarainen
Scenographer, Artist

Cemetery model made from impressions of Apricale (Italy) at the residency in Atelier A in 2014. Photo: Gabriele Rosso
An Episode at Night Time... Some time ago, during my stay in Apricale, I went to the local cemetery where I drew a quick sketch of a burning cypress tree with angels extinguishing the fire. Later on I heard that one of the cypresses had been hit by lightning and burned down. The model contains an imaginary episode at night time in the beautiful cemetery. It is an incredibly peaceful place surrounded by mountains. The tranquil allure of the church and the tombs in the small and intimate graveyard, but the swallow crashed into the tree with lovers unaware... Playing with space inside the printer's lead block drawers, using scale and colour I am creating my story, a scenography for an existing environment. What if...

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